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The letter addressed by His Majesty Mohammed VI to the Prime Minister about the decentralized management of investment, January 09th 2002, announced the creation of the Regional Investment Centers , under the responsibility of Walis of Regions. These centers are among the mechanisms that the government have sought to establish for the development of investment both nationally and regionally.

The role of RCI (Regional Center of Investment), whichare six now, is not limited to the traditional mission (Guichet unique), but includes broader missions as the provision of data and economic information that could help to exploit the potential of regions where they operate.

The RCI are structured on two levels:

A - ETF for business creation

This scheme is the single for anyone who wants to create a business. Its mission is:

- To provide investors with a unique form which contains all the information (legislative or regulatory) for the company’s creation.

- To undertake steps in order to collect information from authorities,  documents and certificates needed to create a society.

B - ETF investors:

This scheme aims at:

-  providing investors all relevant information for regional investment.

- Investigating  all requests for administrative permits or preparing all necessary administrative actions to achieve investment projects in the industrial, agro-industrial, mining, tourism, crafts and habitat if the investment is less than 200 million dirhams and enable the Wali of the region to issue permits or to sign administrative acts relating to such investments

- Investigating if the investment is less than 200 million dirhams, draft contracts or agreements to be concluded with the State and transmitted to the competent government authority for approval and signature by the contracting parties.

- Proposing suitable solutions to disputes between investors and governments.

The ETF helps at the creation of companies and in the centralisation of all concerned administrations:
  • The Moroccan Office of Industrial Property.
  • The Subdivision of Taxation.
  • The Tribunal of Commerce
  • The CNSS
  • Labor Inspectorate
  • The Service of legalization. 


A single form is available to the investor within the RCI. It is therefore the demand for inclusion in the patent, the declaration of registration in the Register of Commerce, the tax declaration of identity and demand for membership in the National Social Security.

The various regional centers for investment:

Agadir - Al Hoceima - Beni Mellal - Casablanca - Fez - Guelmim - Kenitra - Laayoune - Marrakech - Meknes - Dakhla - Oujda - Rabat - Safi - Settat - Tanger-Tetouan.