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Rabat, 04/03/08- The number of tourists who visited Morocco last January, has reached 409,146, an increased number of 11 pc from the level recorded during the same month in 2007, read in the latest statistics released by the department and the Observatory of Tourism.


Within this total, the French came first with 134,875 tourists (+9 pc), followed by Spain (105,994 tourists, +21 pc), British (22,039 tourists, -17 pc), Italians (20,000 tourists, +12 pc ), Belgians (18,724 tourists, +15 pc), Germans (15,406 tourists, +3 pc) and Dutch (12,509 tourists, 29 pc).

Despite the increase in arrivals of tourists, overnight stays reported by the classified tourist accommodation establishments of the Kingdom felt by 5 pc to about a million nights in January instead of 1.14 million in the same month in 2007.

The Department of Tourism explains the difference between the trend of nights and that of tourist arrivals by the emergence of other types of accommodation (guest houses and tourist homes), whose overnight stays are not or are partially offset through official statistics.

The same source said that the decline 11 pc overnight stays are of French tourists, the first source market with 34 pc of total nights recorded in January 2007 and the decline in overnight stays made by the British (-27 pc) and Germans (-27 pc) had a negative impact on the growth of total nights during the month of January.
 This decline was somewhat mitigated by the positive results shown by tourists residents, who were responsible for 232,456 overnight stays registered in January, up 17 pc.

An analysis of the results of the major tourist destinations as reported by overnight stays of accommodation facilities in Marrakech and Agadir have been decreased (-12 and -10 pc  respectively), while increases were recorded at Casablanca (+5 pc), Fez (+5 pc), Tangier (+2 pc) and Rabat (12 pc).

Following this development, the rate of room occupancy fell by 4 points, from 42 pc in January 2007 to 38 pc in the last of January. During this period, Marrakech and Agadir show highest occupancy rates with a 50 pc and 49 pc, followed by Rabat (48 pc) and Casablanca (45 pc).

At the end of January this year, travel revenues reached 4.25 billion dirhams, against 4.82 billion during the same month in 2007, a decrease of 11.8 pc, states the department and Observatory of Tourism.

Regarding air traffic, the same source says that the number of international passengers transited through international airports of Morocco has reached 808,390 passengers to show an increase of 14 pc.

More than half of these passengers passed through the hub of Mohammed V. The two main tourist poles of the Kingdom, namely Menara Marrakech and Agadir-Al-Massira have drained the respective shares of 24 pc 9 pc.

Sources: MAP

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