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A hundred businessmen will visit Spain in June in Morocco as part of a trade mission organized by the authorities in the port of Barcelona.

Introducing recently in Barcelona the big outlines of this business travel, the responsible Rector of the board of the promotion of the port community, Joan Colldecarrera, said that the mission, composed of business leaders of the port operators logistics and importers and exporters will visit on the next 15th and 20th of June to ports of Tangier and Casablanca. Members of the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona are also involved in this trade mission. According to the Spanish port, the organization of such a mission is dictated by the proximity of Morocco, the growing presence of Spanish companies, the opening of its economy further the liberalization process currently in Morocco. The cost of labour and non delimitation of the threshold of foreign capital are also major strengths encouraging investment in Morocco, "said Joan Colldecarrera who recalled the benefits of a similar mission organized 2001, which resulted in an increase of 6% of trade between Morocco and Barcelona and an increase of 26% of freight transport via containers.


Source : Aujourd'hui Le Maroc le 29-2-2008

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