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Litwin The French Company won a contract worth of 82 million euros for the construction of a terminal of storage and the distribution of hydrocarbons to the port of Tangier.
It is the French company Litwin, which is responsible for the construction of a terminal storage and distribution of oil to the port of Tangier. On behalf of Horizon Tangiers Terminal (HTTSA), comprising the emirate ENOC, the IPG of Kuwait and Moroccan Akwa Group, this project involves the supply of 17 tanks with a total capacity of 490,000 m3 (346 000 m3 of basic and 144 000 m3 optional), lines of pipelines, facilities for loading and unloading, works electrification and instrumentation and civil engineering. The overall duration of the project was estimated at 22 months. This is a turnkey EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) worth of 82 million euros (option included) for the construction of the new oil storage terminal in Tangier. "With Morocco, I have a very long love story. I am a native of Casablanca and I have worked in the power of Jorf Lasaf, "said Max Abitbol, president and general director of the company Litwin at the ceremony of signing of this contract, on Wednesday 13 February at Casablanca. The ceremony, attended by leaders of Akwa Group, Horizon Terminal Ltd, a subsidiary of ENOC, and Independent Petroleum Group (IPG). These three shareholders of Horizon Tangiers Terminal SA (HTTSA) recalled that this project is an integral part of the development of new port of Tangiers in Morocco, strategically situated at the entrance to the Mediterranean. "The terminal will store and distribute fuel and petroleum products such as heating oil, diesel, gasoline, diesel and marine diesel," says one. In detail, this facility is DE17 storage tanks of hydrocarbons by 25 meters in height and whose largest diameter is 45 meters, with a total capacity of 490,000 m3. The project also includes 5 pipelines 3 kilometres in length for transporting goods between the jetty of the port of Tangier and the terminal. This terminal will also be equipped with arms for loading and unloading tankers, three pumping stations, a product loading station for trucks, a heating tanks, a system for detecting and fire protection, a transformer substation with 22 KV and an automatic system of supervision and conduct of the terminal installed in control room. Litwin also construct buildings comprising technical control room, laboratory, and shop, the local electric and local industry. For its part, Olivier Lavirotte, commercial director of Africa Litwin SA, said that "this contract follows the successful implementation by Litwin more than a dozen projects in Morocco since 1968 to our days in the industry refining, chemicals and energy.»This success is the result of the partnership forged between Moroccan companies and engineering Litwin. This contract is the fifth win in less than two years by Litwin on the Moroccan market of energy, "he added

Source : Aujourd'hui Le MAroc du 14 - 2 - 2008  


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