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Morocco, strategic for the German market
The German foundation Steinbeis has chosen Morocco for the installation of its first aviation center in Africa. This choice reflects the importance that the aircraft industry experiences in the Kingdom.

The interest of international aviation companies to subcontract in Morocco reflects the position of the Kingdom as a focal point where the profile of human resources corresponds to the needs of this branch of industry, said on Wednesday in Casablanca the general director of the Steinbeis University Berlin, Ulrich Scholten. The German head has expressed its satisfaction with the development facing the aviation industry in Morocco, recalling the agreement signed recently between the Steinbeis Foundation and the National Office of Airports (ONDA) to create an Aerocampus within the Aeropole the Mohammed V airport in Casablanca. Steinbeis Foundation, the largest European network of transfer and technology knowledge, chose Morocco for the installation of its first center in Africa, he said. The campus Aeronautical Nouasser is complementary for the previous work of Mohammed VI International Academy of Civil Aviation, noted Scholten, stressing that the center will host Steinbeis executives of international businesses operating in the Aeropole of Nouasser and that all students who meet the admission requirements. For its part, the General Director of the ONDA, Abdelhanine Benallou, said that the aerospace sector is for Morocco, the technology that offers the highest value-added and is the locomotive for the development of technologies . Recalling the government program "Emergence", which aims to Morocco to the 2015 regional hub for the aviation industry and a platform for outsourcing advanced, Benallou noted that "the development of this program induces strong demand for qualified staff to international standards, not only in aerospace but in the four business world such as Morocco Offshoring, electronics, aerospace and automotive.»This demand is estimated to 153,000 jobs by 2015, including 12,000 for the sector of aeronautics and aerospace, "said Director of ONDA, noting that the proposed creation of the aerocampus of Casablanca meets the objective of Morocco to provide the technical skills of art to accompany the development of this sector.


Le 8-2-2008

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