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Morocco has made considerable efforts to improve the investment environment, a modernization of all the laws and regulations that regulate economic activities  has been undertaken to consolidate the attractiveness of the Kingdom with respect to domestic investors and foreigners.

In addition to that, major reforms of the macro-economic marked today by a great stability, several reforms such as the reform of the Stock Exchange of Casablanca in 1993, the reform of the Commercial Code in 1995, the reform of the industrial law property, literary and artistic in 1997, the establishment of commercial courts, reform of the Labor Code in 2004 , modernizing the business environment in Morocco and its alignment with the standards of developed countries.

In Morocco, the laws guarantee equality for all investors regardless of  nationalities or origins. Bilateral agreements to protect and guarantee investments or of undoubled taxation have been concluded with more than 40 countries.

Since 1996 the measures provided for forming a framework law "The charter of investment" aimed at encouraging investment by:
  • reducing the tax burden related to operations of equipment  purchasing, tools, equipment and land required for the investment.
  • reducing the tax rate on the incomes and the profits.
  • the granting of preferential tax regime for regional development.
  • strengthening guarantees for investors by developing remedies of national taxation and local levels.
  • the promotion of financial offshore centers, export processing zones and warehousing industrial franc.
The Charter provides other benefits related to investment at:

 the Right of Registration
  • Exemption for acts of acquired land for a project investment.
  • Applying a rate of 2.5% for acts of acquisitions of land for carrying out operations for construction.
  • Applying a rate of 0.5% for contributions in companies at the establishment or the increase of the capital.  



Import duty: 2.5% or 10% depending on the list where the material and the equipment are; exemption from taxes on imports "PFI".

Value Added Tax (VAT)

Exemption or reimbursement for capital equipment, materials and tools acquired locally or imported.

Tax Patentes

Remove of the variable tax exemption during the first five years of operation for any person or entity engaged in business, industrial or commercial.

Other measures have been adopted in financial institution with a convertibility regime for foreign investments financed in foreign currency which allows the free transfer of foreign capital and investment gains.