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Plan du Siège

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You are in a senior managerial position or still seeking an employment, a recent graduate, a designer wants to try out a career plan, an unemployed seeking to offer his competencies.
You are able to obtain an advisory, auditing, training, communication with a company, an administration, a community and this organization wants you to charge your benefit in the form of fees.

Freelancer, you realize your benefits to customers who pay "Le Centre de Domiciliation de l'Entreprise" The latter reverses your incomes without having to worry about running a business.

   The structures that you seek

these are
structures that seek to outsource certain activities, seeking skills failing to have it in-house, who wish to test in the field hoping to get employed... and not wishing to increase their payrolls by hiring. Your payer does not want to hire you to achieve these missions and you do not at first create your own business. You need supplementary services that get you devoted only to your expertise. The objective is to obtain the satisfaction of your client. So that everyone can express his talent and skills in all serenity, “Le Centre de Domiciliation de L'Entreprise" will provide the advice and expertise your  need. Our flexible and responsive offer fits all applications and our involvement in the economic field allows for immediate confrontation. A structure for your missions as an independent consultant. The ideal partner for your business....   
You devote your self to research and to carry out your mission; we are responsible for the entire file. -we allow you to test your project, to undertake a punctual mission enjoying a support of a company. – This mode of working gets you away from the creation, as a first step, a structure with the risks that this includes in terms of responsibilities that are financial more than they are judicial and social. - As an affiliate you can claim, if the conditions open for a financial help before the end of the mission.

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