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The offshoring sector in Morocco got into a cycle of life of a promising highly attractive future; estimating three French companies operate in the sectors of telecommunications and television services, which took part Tuesday in Casablanca, in a lunch debate organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Morocco.
At the meeting held under the theme "offshoring in Morocco: a booming sector, the case of call centers," Dell officials, and Outsourcia Vivaction stressed that the expansion of this sector has been confirmed, stating that offshoring in Morocco is distinguished by its cultural character.

According to them, Morocco has taken its place among the world's major centers specialized in offshoring jobs, thanks to the advantages it offers to companies that outsource and / or relocate some compartments of their activities with high added value.

Through information and communications sites that are well developed in Casablanca, these companies employed by large companies in France, Spain, Italy and others who wanted to outsource a number of activities including communications, of contacts and sales of their products from Morocco, with a competitive cost benefits.

The indefinite  advantages that offshoring-Casablanca and Tangier-Med offer could transform Morocco into a destination coveted by multinationals, they noted, explaining that the most eloquent that one can cite in this regard is the location of aerospace companies and automobile manufacturers,in which the last arrival was the Renault-Nissan in Tangier.
 the solvency Ensured of the Moroccan offshoring has pushed the three telecom companies and contacts to no longer limit their commercial and marketing to the borders of European countries and the francophone markets, but will be extended to American companies and why not also Latin American societies through sites of information and communications, highlighting all the advantages that this sector of Moroccan offshoring to economic operators in the Americas.
 MAP 28-11-2007 
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