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PARIS (MAP) - the port Tanger-Med, whose management of all piers was sold to private companies to boost northern Morocco, is « the economic showcase " of a Kingdom on the Mediterranean, says the TV channel "France 3" in his newspaper "Soir 3" of Wednesday.

 Through this great platform port, Morocco displays its ambition to create a new import-export tool , in deep waters host the largest container carriers in the world and of boosting the trade, noted the string in a report, noting that this achievement include a ferry and rail connected to the Tanger-Oujda motorway.

” With this project, Morocco is positioned exactly at the right time "to the extent that “there are now 100,000 ships passing in the Straits ", says the deputy director of the Tangier-Med port, Mr. El Mostapha El Mouzani.

He added that "today we have single bonds half an hour via Europe with vessels to transport TIR trucks and passengers, which allows us, he said, to be practically in Europe without being there.”

After recalling that "the secret dream of Morocco was to join the European Union", "" France 3 "" stresses that "for the time being, Rabat itself to be a good student of politics Neighbourhood meets fifteen states of South and East "of the Mediterranean.

In this context, the chain said that the European Commissioner for External Relations and Neighbourhood Policy, Mrs Benita Ferrero-Waldner, is "coming late to make Morocco a large envelope."

"" For the years 2007 to 2010, we will have 654 million euros at our disposal plus some thematic financial instruments to assist in the fight against illegal immigration "" illegal immigrant, said the European Commissioner.

"" A cooperation in which the French president Nicolas Sarkozy proposes to add his most value, the Mediterranean Union (CU). For it is here, said the head of the French state, that we win everything or we lose everything "," says the chain.

This diagnosis is "shared by Morocco which insists on the geopolitical dimension of the project," says "France 3".

"" If we succeed in the Mediterranean, which is an imperative and urgent, so we may naturally imagine a North-South subsided to the world of development.” stresses, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Cooperation, Mr. Taieb Fassi-Fihri.

"" Laboratory of co-development or creative utopia, the UM is intended to cover everyone. Meanwhile, Morocco focuses on its ambition to be the first partner of Europeans. More than a mere association with the EU, but less than membership, Morocco claims made advanced status with Brussels. As to draft UM, it is lessee, provided that this is not an empty shell ", concludes the French television channel





published in: 29/11/2007 à 11:13:32 GMT Source : MAP
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