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As part of your domiciliation contract, we will manage your mail and send it to you in the set time.

For a good management of your mail, you can opt for one of our options for forwarding mail:

Transshipment "Free Form"
Mail forwarding, twice a week
Daily transshipment

The procedure is simple, either we receive your mail and you send it in the form that you have chosen, or we put it at your disposal in our offices. You can get it at your convenience during business hours.

You can also contact us asking whether your letters arrived or not.

We receive all your letters, after receiving a postal proxy duly completed and signed by you,except the mandates.

As for prices, we offer a range of prices that match your needs:


Prices by Month
Free Forwarding of your mail whenever it arises 100 Dhs HT plus actual postage
2 times per week Transshipment twice a week 210 Dhs HT including postage
Daily A reference every day of your mail 310 Dhs HT including postage