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 Company formation is a crucial step in the life of a business, since it determines the location where all the administrative steps will be carried out as well as the law will be applicable in case of dispute.  The law facilitates the formalities of  forming a company as in ‘‘Le Centre de Domiciliation l’Entreprise’’, for both individual businesses and companies, provided that nothing opposes (legislation, Clause of the lease, or contradictory co-ownership regulations). 
To give one’s company an address through a company of domiciliation presents great advantages. This allows making a clear separation between work and private life. Even if the separation is not physically real, since the contractor can continue, in reality, exercising his activity at home, then the address of the company remains neutral. And it is not uncommon to see large companies verify that there is separation of professional and personal addresses, as a pledge of professionalism. This separation of professional life and private life also avoids the setbacks in case of "accidents of life" , like a divorce. Finally, companies specialised in domiciliation have customers of very different profiles, who work with experts. It may happen that in case of concern, le Centre de Domiciliation de l’Entreprise put members in relation to each other or develop business contacts. As a kind of informal networking!  

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