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Foreign Direct Investment / Fruit of a long process of reforms

The reforms enterprises in Morocco, and the prospects of growth in terms of global relocations abroad causing a new international division of labour, should allow in Morocco an acceleration of its attractiveness for the IDE.


The improvement of the attractiveness of Morocco for foreign direct investment is the result of a reform process initiated by the government that concerns the sanitation of the macro-economic framework, improving the business climate and investment, boosting the financial sector, modernizing the administration and the privatization of some public enterprises.

These reforms have been accompanied by the implementation of major projects and the implementation of sectoral policies targeted. Optimism is also linked to the various free trade agreements likely to make Morocco a regional hub for investment and to obtain a transfer of technology and expertise.
On the other hand, Morocco is classified by UNCTAD among the future developing countries being attractive for the IDE (2005-2009) in the R & D (research and development) activity that will know in the future, according to that agency, a strong internationalization. 
It should be noted, moreover, the confidence of the international community in the economic outlook of Morocco, particularly the business environment, following its successful exit in the international financial market last July.

Remember, the IDE in Morocco have marked an important growth. In the first seven months of 2007, flows exceeded 15 billion dirhams. Their share in GFCF (Gross Fixed Capital Formation) and in GDP (Gross Domestic Product) has improved accordingly, increasing by 5.9% in 2000 to 15.5% in 2006 to GFCF and 1.4% to 4.4% for GDP. This good performance has allowed Morocco to improve its position at the regional level in terms of FDI attraction. It is so, since 2000, one of the first three African countries most attractive of FDI and receives 9% on average, the FDI destination to the MENA region. One thing is certainly satisfactory, said there at the Department of Commerce, but is not likely to make us rest on our laurels, however. In fact, the Kingdom has a wealth of assets, as a land of investment, you need to know Marquette. Hence the new approach, one of the variations was Morocco Iberian operation, that is based on leading to investors rather than expect them to occur. An approach that is both voluntarist and proactive.

Moreover, the changes should be on the direction of foreign investment not far from this new approach in gestation. The holder of the portfolio over a plan to make the visio

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