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Paris, 10/03/08- In the Mediterranean or the Atlantic Ocean, Moroccan ports have ambitions to match the strategic position of the Kingdom, says the monthly du Monde Arabe et de la Francophonie (Arabs) in its latest edition .

Morocco, which has 34 ports of which 13 are open to international trade, is in "pole position" to take control of Navigation in Africa and the Mediterranean, says the magazine in an article entitled "to the conquest of the world."

After noting that Tanger-Med should help to accentuate the presence of Morocco to the international, "Arabs" pointed out that 3600 km of coastline, the Kingdom has a "unique situation" that allows it to organize almost all of its foreign trade (95 pc) by sea.

"Aware of this asset, the authorities are busy developing the port activity to optimize the flow of trade of the country with the rest of the world," he adds, noting that the opening of Morocco on the Mediterranean market and Major International is also a major reform of its port sector.

Quoted by the publication, the director of the National Ports of Morocco (ANP), M. Jamel Mohamed Benjelloun, precises that the policy pursued by the Kingdom to improve the competitiveness of the commercial ports is based on the promotion of 'private initiative, noting that the reform of the port sector, which entered into force in December 2006, aims to raise this particular competitive with international standards.

Gate of Morocco and Africa, Tangier organized to become the leading international business center of the southern Mediterranean, following the monthly, noting that Tanger-Med is one of the largest deep-water harbours in the world and will be Part of the main platforms container port in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

Integrated in an International Logistics circuit, Tanger-Med should "shine on the Western of Europe, of Africa and the east coast of America," he says.

And the magazine recalled that in September 2007, the port traffic reached 54.1 million tons, up to 6.3 pc compared to the previous year.

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