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Moroccan trade relations are measured for more than half with the European Union. In 2000, EU imports from Morocco were about 5998 million euros; the exportations to Morocco are of 7718 million euros. The  Moroccan trade balance has always been favourable to theExchange with the U.E.



The main products imported from the EU include textiles, machinery and various equipment, chemicals, plastics, wheat. As for the main products exported, they include: food (fisheries, fruits and especially early tomatoes, citrus, flowers) finished products for consumption (especially the textile sector) and various types of machinery and equipment, chemicals, Plastics etc ...
In terms of conditions of entry, industrial products of Moroccan origin are already admitted free on the EU market. Some agricultural products are subject to quotas within which the duties are zero, while others are subject to a price of entry. These products mainly tomatoes, potatoes, oranges, small citrus fruits, flowers...

Source : 1stmaroc

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