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As of March 31, making appointments to RIC  of Casablanca must go through the new portal of the center. Objective: To reduce the delays and treatment of records.
More visibility and usefulness is for the RIC of the big city “Casablanca”. This is the objective that Elafdil Ben Hamid wants to achieve, director of the Regional Investment Center (RIC) in launching the new portal of the center, Wednesday the 27th of Feb at Casablanca region, in the presence of the wali of the City and a few traders. The great novelty of this portal is taking online appointments which will become mandatory from next March 31. A service already exists to some consular services for the submission of visa applications. Housed on the same address, this portal is now the gateway for all those who want to take part in the growth and economic dynamism of the large city “Casablanca”. This measure of making appointments online should reduce the delays of 60 minutes to 8 minutes and the processing time of record of 6 days to 2 days. "The launch of e-services has emerged from four observations. First, the web is a tool for the promotion and differentiation. Check Internet is the first reflex of investors. It also allows us to optimize the time and strengthen the presence of Casablanca on the web, "said Ben Elafdil when presenting this portal. The novelty of this portal is available in Arabic, French, Spanish and English. In the next two months, it will also be Chinese and Japanese. "At the end of 2008, the Chinese Internet will be the largest in the world," says Ben Elafdil. To retain these individual users, two tools have been performed by the ICC management. It is an online wizard that allows you to complete the single form and a list of documents necessary to complete the procedure of entrepreneurship, according to the specificities of each appeal. The second tool has been designed specifically for investors. They have an e-service at best to collect their requests for information and to facilitate the processing of their specific requests. "Those two tools are designed to make available to any user of useful and necessary information in the language that suits him, and without it being necessary or to be displaced, nor to make calls. Other tools and Web services will enrich the offer of portal later ", says to the IRC. The new portal will also focus on job sectoral job authorities of the metropolis.

Source: Aujourd'hui le Maroc of 29-2-2008

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