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Washington,05/02/08-“Morocco has resource that predestine it to become a major producer of new energy,including wind, thermal and hydraulic,”said U.S.assistant secretary for energy efficiency and renewable energy,Alexander Karsner. 


Morocco could produce renewable energy and become, once got free from the burden of the oil bill, a major factor in the sector, "said Mr.Karsner at a meeting on strategies of Morocco to promote renewable energy, organized on Tuesday by the Embassy of Morocco in Washington, during the international conference on renewable energy WIREC 2008, attended by the Minister of Energy, Mines, Water and of Environment, Mrs. Amina Benkhadra.

He estimated that Morocco has the potential to become an exporter of energy, particularly to Europe, highlighting the major impact that such exports will have on revenue of the country’s, its trade balance, the reduction of its deficit and its prosperity in general.

While noting the provision of his country to accompany the Kingdom in this effort, the U.S. official called the U.S. private sector to invest in Morocco to take advantage of the great opportunities which it abounds.

Ms. Benkhadra has, in turn, made a presentation on strategies for the short, medium and long terms developed by Morocco to promote renewable energy, including oil, adding that Morocco wants to use its natural assets and opportunities of Partnership under the free trade agreement with the United States to increase the flow of investments into Morocco.

She stressed that Morocco, who can become a hub for energy, wants to ensure that its partners are investing not only in the local Moroccan markets but also markets that Morocco can serve by its geostrategic position, that are Europe, sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East.

Renewable energies constitute a fundamental component of mixed future energy and Morocco will develop its strategy in this sense, she said, recalling that regulations are being prepared to show more visibility to potential investors.

The meeting was also marked by the presentations introduced by Ms. Amal Haddouche, executive director of the Center for renewable energy development in Morocco (CDER) and Mohamed Berdai, director of the department of international cooperation at the same center.

Both speakers gave an overview on the potential of Morocco and explained how renewable energy and energy efficiency can help the country to meet the energy challenges to which it is confronted.

On the sidelines of his participation in WIREC 2008, Ms. Benkhadra had contacts that are "very important''with many companies, including those involved in the manufacture of equipments that are ready, she stressed to the MAP, to seize the opportunities offered by the Kingdom.

She also had discussions with representatives of many countries with which Morocco is cooperating in the context of strengthening measures for renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The discussions focused on the ways to promote these partnerships, including the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation in which Morocco is ready to play a significant role, she added, noting that several of its interlocutors are confident that Morocco will become an exporter of energy in the future.

The Moroccan-American center for trade and investment co-organized the conference attended by representatives of several departments, including the one of the energy, of trade and foreign affairs.

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