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 You're a businessman who does not always need an office and you're looking for a cyber office at the heart of Casablanca to work, to receive your customers and your meetings and hold it for a few hours or days per month.

With our business Center Le Centre Domiciliation de l’Enterprise, you can have Internet connection; you can manage all your work and use multimedia as if you are in a cafe.
Our equipment at the cutting edge of technology is available to you so you can access the Internet, manage your email, update your website, print your confidential documents and to send faxes in freedom.

Our offer allows you to enjoy a work area continuously available on demand, according to your plans, schedules and contracts, thereby minimizing your operating costs.

The objective of this initiative is to offer a "virtual address" via e-mail address that you propose to create a personal site to store your data (photos, copies of administrative documents, etc.). Generate Webcam contacts; consulting jobs; informing you and organizing your administrative steps, or offering you training. .

Commitment made by the user
·         Respecting the property, furniture, equipment and documents in cyberspace.
·         Do not speak loudly and behave in certain kind of respect.  ·         No smoking or eating food or drinks in cyberspace.

·         Do not consider any place as free unoccupied.

Practical Guide to Cyberspace

Opening times

The cyberspace room is accessible during the times displayed as follows:
08:00 to 19:00 from Monday to Friday.

Practical information
      You can surf the Web or use the office tools installed on fixed posts.

You can save the time of your connection records (in my documents) and you can connect a USB flash drive for personal safety.

You must erase your files (in my documents) before leaving and store your workstation.