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The Porting Wage allows the consultant: 

  • To operate with complete autonomy by charging its interventions in the form of fees.
  • To avoid the administrative, legal, taxes and accounting related to the self-employed.
  • To retain all the benefits of employee status.

    Who are the stakeholders?

    The port is open to all those who wish to exercise an activity as a sole proprietor or retaining the benefits of employee status.

    Several possibilities:

  • Entrepreneur:

Your project is being created ... your company already exists ... you do not know what status to choose ... you want to test, validate your project by practice, concentrate your efforts on your exploration, increase your power to register under the best conditions when the time comes ... 


 ·   Independent: 

o        By liberal profession   

o        Consultant  

o        Artist, author ...

... You want to raise your skills to better satisfy your customers , follow-up of legal and administrative affairs ...

·         Early retirement or retired:
You want to continue performing your job with your clients or former employers...

·         Graduate:

You have one or more missions that would make you gain experience to enhance your CV…

For what purpose?

·         Sell your skills on an ad hoc or regularly by charging a service fee as in:

o        Audit 

o        Advice 

o      Expertise

o     The conduct of project   

o    Trainings...

Acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to practice the profession of counselling in your domain of expertise ... manage flexibly your projects in both professionally and personally.

How does it work?

You earn the benefits of your self-employed with those of employee status; all this with a simplified organization.


  • You perform a mission with your customer.
  • Le Centre de Domiciliation de l’Entreprise  manages commercial with your customer.
  • Le Centre de Domiciliation de l’Entreprise  invoice to the client fees that you negotiated in advance and according to your guidance and conditions of sale.
  • The Center of Domiciliation of the Enterprise  also manages the regulations upon receipt and helps you manage the relationship (management raises, cash … )
  • Le Centre de Domiciliation de l’Entreprise hires you as an employee and takes the employer / employee: we pay a salary and assure you all benefit status.



·         Sign with your client a contract of mission.

·         Sign Labour Contract, which sets the rules of your collaboration with Le Centre de Domiciliation de l’Entreprise 

·         The formalities of accounting, legal, social and statements to various agencies are conducted by Le Centre de Domiciliation de l’Entreprise  . We provide such documents including invoices type, form of reimbursement of expenses, etc...