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In a global context booming economic lives under the law of economic globalization and international competitiveness, investment in its two aspects, both domestic and foreign, is vital to meet the requirements of economic takeoff. In this environment, Morocco has resolutely engaged, like other emerging countries, a policy which seeks to make foreign investment a strategic economic and social growth. Indeed, governments have worked to improve the attractiveness of the Kingdom through measures of an economic, institutional, legislative and regulatory that have been implemented by:

- The adoption of a
fiscal framework
attractive for investment including the entry into force of the Charter of the investment and the adoption of a treaty allowing large investors to sign agreements or contracts investment with the State to receive benefits;

- An overhaul of the institutional environment for investment, based on a decentralized distribution of tasks and roles: first, "le Centre Regionale D'Ivestissement"
for assistance and support to investors level of the sixteen regions of the Kingdom, and secondly, the level of investment established in October 1998 under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister.

Morocco has also engaged several structural reforms in recent years that have resulted in the stability of its economic framework and consolidating the opening of its economy on its international environment including the signing of several agreements and associations of free trade.

Specifically, five arguments for investment in Morocco:

1.- A major political and institutional stability which is
a continuous process of democratization;
2.- Institutional support of rigor and a legal incentive;
3.- A policy of structural reforms and liberalization of the economy;
4.- An educated population receiving technical training;
5.- The proximity to Europe.

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