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Your secretary took a sick leave, and then who answers the phone?  
1 hour, 1 day or long term, trust your calls to our operational phone services of the "Centre de Domociliation de l'Entreprise"

 You assign a private and exclusive number
• we let you keep in touch by announcing your host each call,
• we recognize your regular correspondents and welcome them warmly,
• we retransmit your messages in real time via email, fax, SMS, voicemail, phone, etc...

This reception will be during the hours of the opening of "Le Centre de Domiciliation de l'Enterprise"company:

•Start on  Monday till Friday from 08 h 00 to 19 h 00.
•Apart from hours of opening, your number is transferred to a customizable voicemail .
• This voicemail is fully customizable and allows you to remotely listen to your messages  using a secret code.
• This service is charged 760 DH / HT per month.
• plus 1 month in advance to guarantee the signing of the contract.
• The number of calls is limited to 100 per month. Each call received beyond the fixed rate will be charged 8 DH / HT.

The Center ensures the broadcasting of messages according to two choices:

• passive Retransmission : just on simple call from your part, we communicate left messages for you. This service is free.
• active Retransmission  assures you that broadcast messages grouped at the end of the day,by the chosen means of communication: telephone, email, SMS, telecopy. This formula is issued to a subscription of 150 DH / HT per month.




• An accredited secretary manages all your calls,
• we transmit to you an urgent communication at your request,

• we take and arrange your appointments,
• we manage your orders,
• we assign messages per employee,
• we allocate you a voicemail to customize according to your convenience,
• we tailor the fixed price to your consumption.

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