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Plan du Siège

the Grand Casablanca is Promoting the Economy of its Region at the level of Gulf Countries Convertir en PDF Version imprimable Suggérer par mail
The Regional Center of Investment (CRI) of Grand Casablanca organized a press trip for 4 days on the Greater Casablanca for the journalists representing media of Arab Gulf countries.


The purpose of this trip was to promote the region's economy and make known the investment opportunities that it might offer, internationally, specifically at the Gulf countries.

All the media is present, representing the written press more than television channels of the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar, has shown a great interest in the region's economy and provided a large coverage during the press visit.

Anxious to involve all stakeholders in the region, the regional center of investment(CRI)of Greater Casablanca want to give these visits a wider dimension involving operators of the Greater Casablanca.

Thus, the program was designed to increase the visits to sites industrial and economic importance in the region and promote the delegation meeting with officials and economic operators who participate actively in the development of the capital of strategic sector such as the 'Aeronautics, finance, petrochemicals, real estate, offshoring ...

The trip confirms the role of the Regional Center of Investment of Greater Casablanca in promoting its economic region and was an opportunity for traders partners (Safran Group, BMCE Bank, SAMIR, Century 21, Ynna Holding Group through the SNEP and GPC, CMKD, Atlas véhicules-IVECO, AKSAL Group, CGI) to be in contact with the known media in the Gulf.

This trip begins a series of international media trips to promote the region as a destination for investment.
A delegation of French journalists representing the media of France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada also visited Casablanca on 4 February 2008.

Source: Casainvest

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