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Our Company offers you tailored and immediate solutions with perfectly controlled costs.

“Centre de Domiciliation de L’Enterprise” provides your teams, whether for domestic or international companies, perfect work environment with efficient access to information technology: high-speed Internet, video conferencing, meeting rooms.

Personalized telephone reception, visitor reception, secretarial services, photocopying, etc.., allow your teams to concentrate on their tasks by controlling their operating costs.

With “le Centre de Domiciliation de l’Enterprise”, the cost of a workstation is very legible, including all charges. We allow you to be as flexible as possible to succeed in your business. The close collaboration of our teams makes “le Centre de Domiciliation de l’Entreprise” your partner in Casablanca. The Services of “Centre de Domiciliation de L’Entreprise” that interest you:

Furnished offices

simplify your installation with “Centre de Domiciliation de L’Enterprise”, well equipped offices, operational phone services, high-speed Internet access and other services.

Meeting rooms and trainings

Meetings, trainings, seminars. “Centre de Domiciliation de l’Entreprise” offers you fully furnished offices; your hostesses welcome guests and provide comfort services: coffee / croissant, meals, hotel booking, restaurant, taxi ...

 Our team and our creative partners help you to establish your company and its business address.


*Business and postal address.
*Fiscal Domiciliation.
*Receiving and managing mails.
*Forwarding mails.
*Receiving and taking note of your telephone messages.
*Transmission of telephone messages, and electronic faxes.

*Assistance in starting a business.
*Evaluation of companies and assistance to the buyout of firms.
*Assistance in the choice of legal status.
*Assistance from third parties, banks, notaries, lawyers.
*Preparation of training plans
*Accompanying upgrades
*Accompaniment for getting the aid of national and international organisations.

*Preparation of all tax returns related to your business.
*Preparation of tax returns on income.
*Recovery operations of VAT.
*Tax planning.
*Relationships with tax authorities.
*Assistance in fiscal control. *Accounting

*Preparation of annual accounts, balance sheets and statements.
*Preparation of summary statements.
*Establishing an accounting system adapted to the company.
*Monitoring and review of the accounts kept by the customer

*Preparation of pay.
*Preparation of vouchers of social security contributions.
*Advice in social legislation and labour law.
*Accompanying social control.
*Services for expatriates.
*Membership of social organizations.
*Assistance in the management of social obligations.

*Establishment of intermediate situations.
*Establishment of forecast activities.
*Implementation and monitoring of budgets.
*Preparation of Financial plans and cash.