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To whom address the services of company formation?

To companies that are in need for their brand image of rewarding premises, to small businesses whose leader wants to have an office away from home or to overseas companies who need premises to guarantee their presence. However, the legal interest of the services of company creation in Morocco has been narrowed in recent years. Since the law for economic initiative of August 1st 2003, named Dutreil law, the rules of companies domiciliation have been simplified, reducing the interest of domiciled companies. Indeed, for individual companies, the concept of "headquarters" has been removed. The entrepreneurs may, without time limit, domicile their business at home, provided of course that no contractual or legislative arrangement objects. 





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 The Kingdom has developed a strategy for attracting foreign investments based on three main elements: a legal and institutional framework that is more attractive towards international investors, a regional strategy or attracting IDE and centered sectoral strategy on the attraction of relocation.  
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Any company that is individual or corporation subject to registration in the Register of Companies or trade must have the right to use the premises in the local or locals in which it wishes to settle.

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Case of traders:-Copy of identification;-Deed of property or lease contract; The negative certificate in the case of selecting a sign or a brand name;-copy of the identification based on the power of the taxpayer having power of attorney; If the activity is regulated:-copy of the authorization, of diploma or certificate necessary to carry out the activity, if it necessary, extract of the act indicating the matrimonial regime for foreign traders. -The authorization provided by law if the trader is a minor under Moroccan law. - In case of acquisition of a business, provide certificates proving the origin of funds of commerce, Case of the free stewardship.

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Applicable Rules to the Domiciliation in France Convertir en PDF Version imprimable Suggérer par mail

Circular of July 24th 1998

relating to the domiciliation of persons seeking their registration
in the register of commerce and companies
NOR: JUS C 9820457C


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For 46% of 203 foreign companies surveyed, whose third party has no branch in Morocco, the attractiveness of the country has improved this year, against 40% in 2005. Morocco is also up front some countries like Spain and France whose development is considered less satisfactory. But competition is increasing with Central Europe and of South-East, which has over 60% of votes in favour.


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At the end of the year 2007,La Marocaine des Experts en Organisation et en Montage Financier is revamped with a new website:
Revised by SM Web Agency, we redesigned our site to help you find information about our company and also to facilitate the entry into contact with our staff.

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